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February 14th, 2018

You think YOUR insurance company is bad?

You think your insurance company is bad?! Check out the latest bovine defecatory material about Aetna from CNN.

We all know medical claims can be a nightmare to handle… How would you feel if something like this happened to YOU?

The Insurance Mom says BE YOUR OWN BEST ADVOCATE!   Stay involved.  Keep informed.


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August 27th, 2015

The Insurance Mom’s Handy Cheat Sheet!

Are you confused and frustrated by your health insurance?  Having health insurance can be like eating your broccoli … necessary but not fun.

But now, you can understand more about how to make your insurance money work for you!  Here it is … your one stop guide to health insurance cheat sheet:

The Insurance Mom Cheat Sheet

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June 24th, 2015

Have YOU planned for the OMG??!

Do YOU have enough bucks tucked under the mattress for that OMG-unexpected-high-medical-expense?  And, they’re always unexpected!  How will you pay for stuff?   Most people don’t have enough saved up for that OMG! time… or even for sushi next week.    I have some great ideas… like an automatic savings plan, like life insurance, like disability insurance, like Long Term Care Insurance.

Call The Insurance Mom… we should tawk!…

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June 23rd, 2015

ACA woes?  Hospitals and Docs feel it too!

Life since the Affordable Care Act is an interesting environment.  Everything is changing at such a rapid pace, no one knows how to keep up.  Hospitals are in the same boat, too!

In a recent study, 75% of hospitals have reported an increase of emergency room traffic since the ACA started.  Not only that, but there’s a huge increase in the number of people in Medicaid (in CA it’s Medi-Cal).   BUT doctors don’t want to take new Medicaid patients because Medicaid pays doctors so poorly.

So just because more people have access to health insurance, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have access to timely medical care.     And that, my friends, is true no matter what health insurance you have or whenever you try to see a doctor!

My assistant was sick a few weeks back, and she had the WORST time getting an appointment to see her doctor!  I think doctors offices may be feeling strapped for time too!

Some food for thought while we peel back the many layers of this onion.  And keep in mind to plan ahead when you can, keep ahead of illness so you’re not scrambling when you really need help.  Check out the article with more info from the President of the American College of Emergency Physicians:…

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June 15th, 2015

Weight for it . . .

Up until recently, I was really into weightlifting.  I used these guidelines in my weight training, and still use these mantras every day – no matter what I’m doing.  Here are the motivations (and inspirations) my trainer taught me.



Strength / Power






You cannot have strength without flexibility.  You cannot have power without taking deep breaths.  You cannot reach a goal without endurance, flexibility, and flow.  And it takes precision to be clear with yourself to achieve and surpass your goal.…

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April 29th, 2015

The Insurance Mom is on KPCC!

Check out this great article by Stephanie O’Neill at KPCC about brokers and the Affordable Care Act.  So pleased she did this article and flattered she asked me to participate.

Give it a listen or a read and let me know your thoughts below.…

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March 19th, 2015

Why we love John Oliver OR How to get a free lunch!

The Insurance Mom is a big fan of “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver.   I thoroughly enjoyed his expose (which aired on 2/8/15) about the relationship between doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

The gist is this . . . it has been a long-time practice of pharmaceutical companies buying doctors lavish lunches, providing divine holidays, inviting them to be a brand ambassador, speaking at events, and paying the docs handsome sums.   It’s one thing to hand out free samples.  But some of these practices are bordering on bribery, false advertising and in the process, perhaps skewing the doctor’s medical practices towards the companies’ products.   John Oliver wondered why it is that some medical offices advertise a free lunch in their job postings.   Is it possibly because Big Pharma is footing the bill?!

Aren’t you curious about what your doctor is up to?   Here’s the website where you can see what kind of benefits your doctors may be receiving from Big Pharma.  Go to to find out more.…

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March 4th, 2015

Pop Quiz! Did you study LTC?

Whether or not you’ve studied the articles in the last week on Long Term Care Insurance, The Insurance Mom has a pop quiz to see if you’re ready for Long Term Care Insurance!


Answer the following for yourself and your family, True or False:

I’m between the ages of 40-65 or I have parents in that age range.

We’re relatively healthy and have no major medical problems now.

We for sure don’t have an extra $90,000 for unexpected expenses should I (or my parents) need long term care in the future.

We’re not strong enough to fireman carry each other!


If these ring true for you or a family member, you should think about Long Term Care Insurance – TRUE!  Call The Insurance Mom and heave a sigh of relief!…

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March 2nd, 2015

Final of the LTC Study Series

Does Medicare cover long-term care expenses?  The answer may surprise you!  Let’s take a look back at a recent post on LTC to round out our LTC education . . .

There was an easy-to-read article in the LA Times about Long-Term Care Insurance which spelled it out very nicely.

If you haven’t given much thought to how you’d pay for long term care expenses, you’re not alone.    Most of us haven’t.   But, the BIG question is:   Would you be able to pay for someone to take care of you 24/7?

In California, today the average annual cost for long term care in your own home  is about $82,000.  Wow, that hurts!   If you cover your ass(ets) and get long-term care insurance, you’ll significantly reduce your costs.

So . . . DOES Medicare cover LTC?  No!     Does your health insurance cover LTC?   No!

Not a happy prospect.   We are all about protecting your money over here, so it may be time for you to start thinking about it, too.  Remember… the younger you are when you plan ahead the more you save.  The Insurance Mom only wants what’s best for her favorite people!

Educate yourself on the eye-opening details by reading the article here and contact The Insurance Mom for a chat about your future.  Mind your P’s and Q’s and you’ll be taken care of . . . long-term.


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February 27th, 2015

What’s the cost of getting older? $90,000 a year!

$90,000.   That’s a lot of money!   On a national average, it’s what you’ll pay  if  your Mom or Dad lands in a nursing home for a year (and the average stay is 2.5 years).  That’s really a ton o’money!!

If your Mom or Dad would prefer to get better at home (and who wouldn’t?), today the cost of home care is about double.

Do you have over $225,000 (or more?) to pay for long term care services?   No?  Do your parents have over $225,000 to pay for long term services?  No?  What ever will you do?

The Insurance Mom knows!  Doesn’t that make you feel better already?    Long Term Care Insurance is the answer.   Let an insurance company pay the bills.

Find out how.   What better reason to call The Insurance Mom?…

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