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February 26th, 2016

PART ONE: The Insurance Mom’s Guide to Better Living Through (Cheaper) Chemistry

Here’s PART ONE in our series we call . . .

“The Insurance Mom’s Guide to Better Living

Through (Cheaper) Chemistry”

The Insurance Mom



The Affordable Care Act has created a LOT of confusion for everyone – especially the doctor’s offices!    Educate yourself about your plan and how it works before you go to your appointment!   If you have problems getting affordable prescriptions, ask your doctor for alternative options.


Learn your tiers!  The formularies are the lists of drugs your insurance company covers.   If your drug IS in the formulary, it will be categorized into one of four tiers – generic and brand name.   Generic drugs are cheaper.   If the cost of a brand name drug makes you sick, call your doctor and ask for samples.  OR ask if they will prescribe a generic!

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February 19th, 2016

Intro: The Insurance Mom’s Guide to Better Living Through (Cheaper) Chemistry!

Hi Insurance Mom Family,


OK, let’s talk prescriptions.  But Mom… they’re so expensive!  I know, sweetie.  The Insurance Mom hears you.


Yet another (un)intended consequence of the Affordable Care Act… formulary shrinkage.    The formularies are the lists of drugs your insurance company covers – generic and brand name.   Most people just pay up at the pharmacy and don’t know they can actually shop around for better prices.   Just because you have health insurance doesn’t mean you’re getting the best price!


To help you along the way, we’ve written a blog series we call …

“The Insurance Mom’s Guide to Better Living

Through (Cheaper) Chemistry.”



This FIVE part series walks you through money saving tips & tricks from the moment the doctor writes the script to the moment you pick it up at the pharmacy.  Keep tuning back for the next five Fridays to learn to speak Rx.


As an intro, click the hyperlinks for these great articles from the website, GoodRX and another one from Consumer Reports.


In the meanwhile, talk to me!  What are your insurance concerns for the coming year?…

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February 11th, 2016

We made it! Open Enrollment is OVER!

Hello, Insurance Mom family –




Open Enrollment for individual health insurance ended 1/31/16.     The Insurance Mom and her Helper Elves have been very busy taking care of everyone, and now we’ve got more time to talk about insurance-y stuff through our fabulous blog posts.


Open Enrollment is the time when anyone can get individual health insurance or make changes to their individual health insurance.


From now until January of 2017, you are locked into whatever individual insurance plan you have.   There are only a few exceptions to the rule … called Qualifying Life Events.  Like loss of employer coverage, marriage, divorce, relocation to a new state, etc.


Shocked to find that out?  You’re not alone.  Uninsured?   Snap!  The Insurance Mom has a solution for you!   Let’s talk ASAP so you don’t go broke paying for that unexpected (and expensive) medical thing… and it’s always unexpected and expensive!…

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