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August 23rd, 2010

How To Add $$$$ To Your Paycheck

Want more take-home money in your paycheck?  Of course you do!   If you’re an employee (not an independent contractor) and are looking for ways to have more $$$$ in your checking account, then this article is for you.

Eva Rosenberg, aka TaxMama, has some great advice… it’s even easy to follow!   The Insurance Mom wants you to fight for your money in all areas of your life, not just when it comes to arguing with your health insurance company and doctors.    And, if you have a free moment, go ahead and subscribe to TaxMama’s free newsletter.

The Insurance Mom says “free” is good!!  Free time, free newsletter, free advice.   TaxMama is like having a money therapist right at your fingertips!

Remember that ObamaCare (aka PPACA, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka PeePeeCaCa) will do nothing to reduce the cost of medical care, lab work or prescriptions.  So the more $$$ you have in your paycheck (and hopefully your HSA or FSA), the more you’ll have available to pay those medical bills.

The Insurance Mom wants to you to be a good little money manager!

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