Here are all the articles I wrote during April, 2011. I hope they're useful to you.

April 16th, 2011

Matters of the Heart

Do you ever wonder how some people just know how to express a thought or a feeling perfectly?   Daphne Rose Kingma is that person.   If you welcome pure inspiration for the heart and soul, then Daphne Kingma is worth reading.    In the piece entitled “Letting Go,” she writes,

“No matter how hard you may try to end a relationship, it isn’t over until it’s over on every level for each person who was once a part of it.  So long as either of you is still attached, the relationship remains – if only as a fantasy.  So long as you are attached, by sorrow, anger, or disappointment, to the relationship of the past, you escape the joy of the relationships of the future.

Do you have any loose ends with someone that still need tying up?  Are you still grieving for the partner who left you for someone else?  Angry at the spouse who abandoned you and your children?

Whatever unresolved feelings you harbor, they are affecting your present capacity to love.  Do yourself a favor and work them through, if need be with professional help.  Because only when you have truly let go will you be able to take hold of something new.”

The Insurance Mom wants you to have a loving, peaceful heart.   When you live love and feel the peace, your body won’t be under so much stress.  And when you’re feeling less stressed, your body won’t hurt so much.   And when you’re not hurting you won’t go to the doctor so much or take so many medications.

And then?   And then you won’t have to rely on a health insurance company to pay for medical expenses and prescriptions.

Amazing!     See how that works?


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April 14th, 2011

Gimme a break!

One reason to dislike the IRS a little less:   The IRS is giving everyone THREE extra days (wahoo!) to file your 2010 taxes.

If you’ve been putting off preparing your taxes until the last minute, you have until Monday, April 18th to get it done.

No, the IRS is not just being generous.   The mini-extension comes thanks to Emancipation Day, a Washington DC holiday that celebrates the freeing of slaves in the District.

And you thought the IRS was just giving you a break!



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