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March 24th, 2010

Health Care Reform – A Work in Progress

News From The Insurance Mom about Health Care Reform – An Easy to Read Summary

Well…  here it is folks, a Summary of the recent Health Care Reform bill signed into law on Monday, March 22.    As you’ll read there are very few changes that will have an immediate impact if you already have health insurance.  You might get some help if you don’t have health insurance and don’t qualify because of the dreaded pre-existing conditions.   If you’re a Senior on Medicare, you’ll get a little bit of help with your drug costs.

Have you noticed that the law does absolutely nothing to rein in the costs of medical and drug expenses?   No one is addressing the insane amount of money the doctors/labs/hospitals can continue to charge the insurance companies.   What are the cost drivers behind increasing insurance premiums?   Medical costs!!  Drug costs!!

There won’t be any significant implementation of the law until at least 2014… if it even happens.    I know you’re all hoping for big changes and I hate to disappoint you but they’re just not going to happen for a very long time.    I’m here with a hug and warm milk and cookies if you need them!

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