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February 24th, 2010

More Bang For Your Buck – ER vs. Urgent Care

Getting the right care you need is very important.    But making smarter choices can help stretch your health care dollars further and save you a significant amount of your out-of-pocket expenses.    There are a lot of myths out there about where to get the best care.

When you need health care right away, the emergency room may seem like a natural choice.   But what if it’s not a true emergency?    Did you know that you can still find quality care for a lot less money and spend less time waiting around?

Retail health clinics, walk-in doctor’s offices and urgent care centers can treat many of the same non-emergent health problems and injuries that an ER can.   For non-emergencies, these other treatment center options are half the cost of going to an ER.

By using a lower-cost medical facility, you and the insurance company save money.  If we can all save money, maybe the insurance companies can avoid raising their rates so much.     That’s a good thing!   Be a smart money manager, fight for your money, spend wisely.

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