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February 25th, 2010

More Bang for Your Buck – Part 2

Hospital labs vs. Stand-alone Labs

Prices vary between a hospital laboratory and a stand-alone laboratory.   Hospitals tend to charge more for their services, while a stand-alone laboratory has less overhead costs and often charges less.   If your doctor refers you to a hospital, ask to be referred to a stand-alone laboratory.    You have the power… go ahead, ask!

Make sure the stand-alone lab is in your insurance company’s network.   To find out, call the lab and ask or go on-line to the insurance company’s website.

By using a lower-cost medical facility, you and the insurance company save money.  If we can all save money, maybe the insurance companies can avoid raising their rates so much.     That’s a good thing!   Be a smart money manager, fight for your money, spend wisely.

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