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November 7th, 2009

How to Cut Your Medical Bills – Before and During Treatment

  • Ask your insurance company to confirm that the health care provider is in its provider network  — or you can simply ask your doctor or lab or hospital
  • Read your insurance plan’s benefits booklet (or online benefits summary).    First, look at the sections labeled “Exclusions” or “Not Covered,” you’ll find good information there.   If you have any doubt that the procedure will be covered, contact your insurance company, or get in touch with The Insurance Mom.
  • Don’t agree to any treatment without knowing how much it will cost if you do not have insurance or Medicare or if the treatment is not covered by your plan. Confirm with your doctor that the treatment is necessary.   Not sure how to have these little chats with your doctor?   Ask The Insurance Mom how!
  • Keep a log of every drug, test and procedure.   Do this yourself, or ask a family member to stay with you throughout your treatment and keep the log for you.   When you’re at the doctor’s office, sometimes your nerves get the better of you and you don’t remember everything the doctor has said.  Or sometimes the doctor is just too rushed and doesn’t have time to repeat important information.  When your bill arrives, this log will help you confirm that your bill is accurate.

Don’t get taken advantage of by your doctor or the insurance company.   You – with the help of The Insurance Mom – must be your own best advocate!

Next month… How to make sure you don’t pay what you don’t owe.

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