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July 26th, 2010

Unintended Consequences

So you thought the new Health Care Reform law was on your side, didn’t you?  Ha.  Not so much.   There is nothing in the new law that will stop these unintended (but predictable) consequences.

A provision of the new “stealth” care reform law says that insurance companies must issue health insurance to children, regardless of their health status or history.  In other words, guaranteed health insurance for children up to age 19, no matter what.

Fooled you!!  Guess what?   The new rules are leading health plans in some states to stop issuing new child-only coverage.   Which means that families are going to have to include their high-risk child on a pricey family plan.   In the past they could have saved money by buying separate policies for themselves and their children.

Florida and Oklahoma, come to the front of the class to get your wrists slapped!   Go sit in the corner.

Some families may wind up paying higher premiums because of the requirement in the new law that plans cover sick children.   The rule barring insurance plans from turning away sick children or denying coverage for specific illnesses for children who are already covered was one of the most popular parts of the new law.

The Insurance Mom recommends that if you have a high-risk child, get that health insurance in place fast before the insurance companies in your state play follow-the-leader with Florida and Oklahoma.

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