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March 11th, 2011

Let The Sunshine In!

Daylight Savings Time is here this weekend.   So before going to bed Saturday night be sure to move your clocks one hour ahead —  that is, if you still use clocks in addition to your Smart Phone, iPad, PC, Mac or sundial.

When you finally recover from that lost hour of sleep, you’ll have more daylight to get out and exercise after work (no more excuses!).  More exercise means staying healthy.  Staying healthy could result in lower medical and prescription costs.

And, of course, keeping your medical costs down means not having to use your health insurance so much.  And we ALL know what that means, right?   If we don’t over-utilize the health insurance system, maybe we could ALL have an impact on how the insurance companies raise our rates every year.

It’s all connected.   Sunshine, exercise, good health, lower costs.  What a deal!

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