To Protect the People You Love

If there are people who financially depend on you, life insurance makes a lot of sense. Whether it’s a friend, family member, child, bank or business associate, if the worst happens, you can still protect them. Life insurance financially protects the people you love (or do business with).

What would happen if you weren’t here to support your family or to ensure your kid goes to college or to re-pay that loan? There’d be a lot of suffering going on and The Insurance Mom doesn’t want anyone to suffer. So here’s what to do.

Talk to The Insurance Mom about life insurance. Don’t say “no” so fast — you haven’t even tried it!

Life insurance is really pretty simple. While nothing could really replace you, the benefit that life insurance pays helps those you would leave behind. It pays a benefit to someone, called a beneficiary, when you die. Your beneficiary could be a family member, a colleague, a lender, an organization or anyone who would hurt financially when you are gone. (Awww… it’s okay, just put your head on Insurance Mom’s shoulder, there, there… have some chicken soup, you’ll feel better.)

There are many types of insurance, and it can be quite affordable. The trick is in choosing the right type and amount of insurance for your own unique needs. That’s why The Insurance Mom is here.

So, don’t make me reach through this computer screen! Contact The Insurance Mom to learn more about why buying life insurance is a very grown up thing to do.

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