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COBRA, ERISA, ObamaCare … oh my! The small group insurance world is more confusing now than ever. That’s why you need The Insurance Mom to hold your hand through the stuff you have to do to get stuff done. I’ll help you understand all these wacky words and support you through the upcoming changes.

Your employees are your greatest asset. The Insurance Mom wants to help you protect them, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Small businesses from 2 to 50 employees are guaranteed to be insurable. And starting in 2016, “small” means businesses with up to 100 employees. Attract good talent… and then make sure you keep them!

Together, we can figure out the best plans for you and your employees at a cost that makes sense for everyone. The Insurance Mom will help you mind your Ps and Qs so that everyone can be healthy, just like they were eating plenty of good chicken soup!


More types of Health Insurance:

Individuals — Ages 0-64

Medicare supplement plans for those 65 and beyond

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