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April 20th, 2010

Hey Kids, This One’s for YOU (and parents too)!

If you are:

1.  A parent whose young adult child is about to be taken off of your health insurance plan because they’re all grown up (well done!), or

2.  A young adult who is about to be taken off of your parents’ health insurance plan because you’re all grown up (good job!),

… then this is good news is for you!

There is a provision in the newly enacted health care reform legislation that will allow young adults up to age 26 to stay on their parents’ health insurance plan, regardless of marital status or the availability of other health insurance.

While this provision doesn’t take effect until September, 2010, there are four insurance companies which have announced they will immediately comply with the new law, without waiting until September.

Humana, Kaiser Permanente and UnitedHealthcare say they will immediately allow young adults to stay on their parents’ plans.    And WellPoint (in some states, that’s Blue Cross) says they’ll implement the new provisions starting June 1.

Here’s an easy-to-read description about this portion of the new law.   I promise it won’t make your eyes bleed!

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