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May 20th, 2011


$183,998.   That’s a lot of money!   On a national average, it’s what you’ll pay  if  your Mom or Dad lands in a nursing home for the average stay of 2.4 years.   That’s really a ton o’money!!

If your Mom or Dad would prefer to get better at home (and who wouldn’t?), the cost of home care is about double.

Do you have over $180,000 (or more?) to pay for long term care services?   No?  Do your parents have over $180,000 to pay for long term services?  No?   What ever will you do?

The Insurance Mom knows!  Doesn’t that make you feel better already?    Long Term Care Insurance is the answer.   Let an insurance company pay the bills.

Find out how.   What better reason to call The Insurance Mom?

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