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August 17th, 2015

Big changes are coming for small business owners….


Are you aware of the big health insurance changes coming in 2016??  The Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) will create a tsunami that may really change your health insurance benefits.

Small Groups used to be classified as 2-50 employees.  In 2016, it will change to 1-100 employees.

This major shift will be hardest on companies in the awkward midsize range — 50-100 employees.  Here’s why . . .

Before 2016, these groups with over 50 employees qualified for rates based on age bands (e.g., 30-39), not the employees’ actual ages — this is called Community Rating — which saved the employer AND employees some money.

BUT in 2016 these 50-100 employers will be REQUIRED to have Composite Rating just like smaller employers.  Composite rates are based on the employee’s actual age rather than age bands.  The employee’s family members’ rates will also be based on their individual ages.

Composite Rating will cost more for the employer and employees.    Groups of 50-100 employees may struggle with the new age-based system required by the ACA.

Not only do you have other uncertainties besides insurance to worry about when you’re growing your business, but enrollments are really a headache!   That’s why it’s good to have a trusted broker help you with your policy [ahem!!].

Aside from that, you need a good advocate to PLAN PLAN PLAN to get ready for some serious rate changes in 2016!    If you do plan, you’ll grow up big and strong and healthy!  The Insurance Mom is by your side to help you through your growth spurt.


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