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September 27th, 2010

Can I Exchange This?

If you’re in California, then please sit up and pay attention ’cause this one’s for YOU!

The new federal “stealth” care reform laws specify that by 1/1/14, health insurance “exchanges” in every state must be implemented.  The exchanges will allegedly be designed as a health insurance online mall, giving consumers better tools to compare and buy individual health insurance plans.

In California, there are currently 2 bills pending in Sacramento — AB1602 and AB 900 — which will establish the CA Exchange NOW!    These 2 bills are being rushed through the legislature.   Isn’t that a good thing, you may ask.    No!  The Insurance Mom believes these 2 bills must be vetoed by The Governator.  Here’s why and what you can do to help:

The Insurance Mom wants you to send a fax to the Governor’s office @ 916-558-3160 TODAY.  Tell him you do NOT want more of your money spent without your permission!   Say ‘NO’ to AB1602 and AB900.

AB1602 and AB900 WILL HARM Health Care AND California’s ballooning Budget Deficit.  Tell the Governor that you know the Exchanges don’t have to be operational until 1/1/14.  Ask why the CA legislature is rushing these 2 badly written bills through the process and why they aren’t taking their time to do it right!

In this era of public employee pension spiking and salary scandals – like what we’ve seen in the City of Bell – the last thing California needs is another government agency with the power to tax and spend without oversight.

The Health Benefits Exchange will be a huge state bureaucracy – The Exchange Board –  with broad, enormous  authority and no oversight or accountability.

If signed, these bills could lead to increased costs for millions of Californians seeking health insurance and unnecessary costs to the state.

The bills …

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