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May 11th, 2016

ColoradoCare… say WHAT!?

Hello, Friends of the Insurance Mom Interweb-sphere,


If you’re keeping current on the presidential candidates, you hear some shouts about a “single-payer”  health care system.  What does that mean, you ask?


Well, the short answer is (wait for it!) …  taxes would go way up but everyone would have access to health care.    What’s your opinion?   Is this a good trade-off?   Higher taxes for everyone in exchange for access to “free” (actually, pre-paid) medical care?   Do you trust your government to be good money managers with your (increased) tax dollars?


Smart brains in the insurance world think it’s very unlikely that a single-payer system would happen in every state, but Colorado is giving it a try and putting the single-payer model on its ballot this Fall.


Check out this interesting article on the pluses and minuses on this micro-example of some macro-ideas floating around in our country.…

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