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February 11th, 2011

If you have children…

Hey Moms and Dads… NOW is the time to get your kids health insurance.    Especially if you haven’t been able to get them insurance before because of an illness or pre-existing health condition.   NOW means NOW, no waiting!   In California, the health insurance companies must give your kids health insurance when you submit an application — with The Insurance Mom’s help, of course!  But you’ve only got until March 1st to do it.

So do not pass “Go” — do not hesitate — Call The Insurance Mom NOW so we can take care of your kids together.   I’ll warm the milk, you go get the cookies!

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December 30th, 2010

Children, children, children… Pay Attention!

As confusing and aggravating as the new health care reform laws are, in CA there is actually some good news starting 1/1/11.

Shortly after the reform law was enacted on 3/23/10, the insurance companies stopped accepting applications for children only (the explanation is long and boring, but if you want to know the back story send The Insurance Mom an e-mail and I’ll fill you in).   If you wanted to insure a child on an individual policy, then a parent had to also apply, even if Mom or Dad didn’t need the coverage.   What a pain!

Thanks to a new CA law — AB 2244 — there is now a short window of opportunity to get your child health insurance all by themselves on an individual policy.  From 1/1/11 to 3/1/11, CA insurance companies are accepting applications for your kids — solo.    The policy will be issued regardless of your kids’ current health status or health history — guaranteed!

What a nice way to start the new year!

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