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August 13th, 2015

You Can’t Take it With You — Life Insurance That Is!

Got life insurance at work?   Great!

Leaving the job for something bigger and better?  Congrats!

Retiring from the daily grind?   Have fun!

But… heads-up!   You can’t take your cheap, affordable term life insurance with you.   I bet you didn’t know that, right?    You can only keep your cheap, affordable term life insurance if you change it to the more expensive permanent sort of life insurance (aka “whole life”).

What, Insurance Mom?   Tell me what to do!!   Take a deep breath and give The Insurance Mom a call.   Let’s chat about what type of life insurance you should have, and how much life insurance you really need.   We want your family to have choices, not expenses, right?   Right!!

The Insurance Mom’s got you covered… phew!…

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October 20th, 2014

Will YOU Be My Doctor?!

ALL networks are getting skinner and anorexic, reducing your choices for 2015.

In 2014, the biggest problem with doctor networks came with plans purchased on Covered CA.   It was hard to determine if your doctor took the Covered CA plans.  The Covered CA search engine was incorrect and removed from the website.    Some doctors only participated in networks used by off-exchange plans.

The same problem may continue in 2015.  It could be tricky to navigate for consumers who get a plan through Covered CA.   For a little bit of guidance with Covered CA doctor networks, the LA Times created a map for you.  Click here!

But remember, not all plans/networks are available in all geographical areas.  And, networks can change from day-to-day.

One bit of good news:   Anthem Blue Cross has made it clear that doctors MUST be in both off-exchange individual networks AND on-exchange Covered CA networks,  or they will not be doing business with Anthem Blue Cross at all!

Double check with all your doctors in which networks they will be participating for 2015 before making a decision about your health insurance!  Listen to your Insurance Mom . . . mother knows best!…

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October 10th, 2014

Time to Vote! Pay attention to Prop 45!

As you know, I normally don’t share my political opinions with clients.   However, Proposition 45 is on this November’s ballot and it will have a direct impact on your health insurance… and not in a good way. As your agent, I feel compelled to make you aware of Proposition 45 and why I so strongly oppose this measure.

Proposition 45 will radically alter the choices available to individuals and small businesses purchasing health insurance in California.

Supporters of Proposition 45 want to give one elected politician, the Insurance Commissioner, the power to determine your health plan’s premiums, benefits, networks and even what treatment options it covers.  (The Commissioner can receive millions in campaign contributions from special interests.) They want to create a costly new bureaucracy that duplicates existing regulatory agencies – the costs of which will ultimately be paid by you through higher premiums. They want to set up new rules and regulations that conflict with the new health care reform law.

As your agent, I take my responsibility seriously when I help you navigate California’s health insurance market.  Proposition 45 will make that market more chaotic and more costly – and worst of all it will potentially limit the choices you have as a consumer.

I plan to vote NO on Proposition 45 this November because it will create more problems than it solves.

I hope you will visit to learn more about Proposition 45. While you’re on the website, I hope that you’ll take 30-seconds and sign-up to receive updates from the No on Proposition 45 campaign and join me on protecting your access to quality health insurance and preventing the possibility of rationed health care.

Feel free to email me back if you have any questions but, in the meantime, I hope that you’ll go

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July 9th, 2014

Long-Term Care Clarity!

Does Medicare cover long-term care expenses?  The answer may surprise you!


There was a neat article this week in the LA Times about Long-Term Care Insurance which spelled it out very nicely.


If you haven’t given much thought to how you’d pay for long term care expenses, you’re not alone.    Most of us haven’t.   But, the BIG question is:   Would you be able to afford it?


In California, the average annual cost for long term care – today — is about $82,000 a year.  Wow, that hurts!   If you cover your ass(ets) and get long-term care insurance, you’ll significantly reduce your costs.


So . . . DOES Medicare cover LTC?  No!     Does your health insurance cover LTC?   No!


Not a happy prospect.   We are all about protecting your money over here, so it may be time for you to start thinking about it, too.  Remember: the younger you are when you plan ahead the more you save.  The ‘Mom’ only wants what’s best for her little kiddies!


Educate yourself on the details of the ins and outs with the article here and contact The Insurance Mom for a chat about your future.  Mind your P’s and Q’s and you’ll be taken care of . . . long-term.…

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December 30th, 2011

3-2-1… Zero!

Zero is good when you eat zero carbs or have zero zits.   But zero is not so good when you have zero bars on your phone or on January 1st every year.    Why?    The Insurance Mom is so proud you asked such a good question.

Because every January 1st most health insurance deductibles re-set to… ZERO!   That’s right.   No matter how much of your deductible you met this year, starting 1/1 most likely your deductible starts all over again.

It doesn’t have to be all bad, though.   Remember that your deductible simply represents medical expenses your doctors have submitted to your insurance company… NOT how you’ve paid the bill.   YOU decide how to pay off your bills; don’t let the doctor’s billing service tell you how to budget your money for their benefit.

Fight for your money!   Feel free to be in touch with The Insurance Mom to brainstorm this brilliant money management idea.

Happy New Year everyone!

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September 27th, 2010

Can I Exchange This?

If you’re in California, then please sit up and pay attention ’cause this one’s for YOU!

The new federal “stealth” care reform laws specify that by 1/1/14, health insurance “exchanges” in every state must be implemented.  The exchanges will allegedly be designed as a health insurance online mall, giving consumers better tools to compare and buy individual health insurance plans.

In California, there are currently 2 bills pending in Sacramento — AB1602 and AB 900 — which will establish the CA Exchange NOW!    These 2 bills are being rushed through the legislature.   Isn’t that a good thing, you may ask.    No!  The Insurance Mom believes these 2 bills must be vetoed by The Governator.  Here’s why and what you can do to help:

The Insurance Mom wants you to send a fax to the Governor’s office @ 916-558-3160 TODAY.  Tell him you do NOT want more of your money spent without your permission!   Say ‘NO’ to AB1602 and AB900.

AB1602 and AB900 WILL HARM Health Care AND California’s ballooning Budget Deficit.  Tell the Governor that you know the Exchanges don’t have to be operational until 1/1/14.  Ask why the CA legislature is rushing these 2 badly written bills through the process and why they aren’t taking their time to do it right!

In this era of public employee pension spiking and salary scandals – like what we’ve seen in the City of Bell – the last thing California needs is another government agency with the power to tax and spend without oversight.

The Health Benefits Exchange will be a huge state bureaucracy – The Exchange Board –  with broad, enormous  authority and no oversight or accountability.

If signed, these bills could lead to increased costs for millions of Californians seeking health insurance and unnecessary costs to the state.

The bills …

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August 24th, 2010

Change Is The Only Constant

ObamaCare — aka Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — aka PPACA — aka PeePeeCaCa — is about to launch the first round of big changes in health insurance plans in every state, every insurance company, every plan, every one.

No later than 9/23/10, there can be no lifetime limits on health plan coverage.  This will apply to new policies you buy which go into effect 9/23/10 or later.  For existing policies — the ones you bought before 9/23/10 — you probably won’t see any changes until 1/1/11.

No later than 9/23/10, all plans must include preventive care benefits at no cost to you, no co-pays, no deductibles.  Again, for existing policies, you probably won’t see this new benefit until 1/1/11.

No later than 9/23/10, dependents can stay on their parent’s plans until age 26.

No later than 9/23/10, insurance companies better have a damn good, provable, reason to cancel (rescind) your individual policy.

No later than 9/23/10, the government had to create a high risk pool for people who cannot get individual insurance due to pre-existing conditions.   The government did launch its website a couple of months ago.  Twenty-nine states are not participating on the federal level, including CA.  But these states must have their own high risk pool launched no later than 9/23/10.  So far we have absolutely no idea what the insurance plans will cover or what they will cost.   It’s all still a mystery.

No later than 9/23/10, insurance companies must cover pre-existing conditions for children through age 18.  Interestingly, the PPACA does not say that an insurance company must insure a child with pre-ex conditions.  The law only states that, if approved, a child’s pre-ex conditions must be covered.  But, the insurance companies are complying with the intent of the law which was to …

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August 23rd, 2010

How To Add $$$$ To Your Paycheck

Want more take-home money in your paycheck?  Of course you do!   If you’re an employee (not an independent contractor) and are looking for ways to have more $$$$ in your checking account, then this article is for you.

Eva Rosenberg, aka TaxMama, has some great advice… it’s even easy to follow!   The Insurance Mom wants you to fight for your money in all areas of your life, not just when it comes to arguing with your health insurance company and doctors.    And, if you have a free moment, go ahead and subscribe to TaxMama’s free newsletter.

The Insurance Mom says “free” is good!!  Free time, free newsletter, free advice.   TaxMama is like having a money therapist right at your fingertips!

Remember that ObamaCare (aka PPACA, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka PeePeeCaCa) will do nothing to reduce the cost of medical care, lab work or prescriptions.  So the more $$$ you have in your paycheck (and hopefully your HSA or FSA), the more you’ll have available to pay those medical bills.

The Insurance Mom wants to you to be a good little money manager!

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April 29th, 2010

For Your Immediate Reading – Anthem Blue Cross will not be raising rates

As I told you at the beginning of this actuarial dance, the State’s findings will be different from those of Anthem BC’s.  Et voila!  As a result of the State’s actuarial analysis, the following is hot off the presses:

Commissioner Poizner released the following statement today regarding Anthem’s decision to withdraw its rate filing:

“This is a great victory for California consumers. I’m pleased that California consumers will not face rate hikes of up to 39 percent. In late January, because I was highly skeptical of the rate increase, I ordered an outside review to ensure that Anthem’s filing complied with state law. Anthem agreed to delay their increase pending this review. The independent actuarial analysis found numerous and substantial errors in their filing that would have led to massive and unjustified rate increases.  We notified Anthem of these errors and they admitted to the mistakes.”

The independent, outside actuarial analysis was performed by Axene Health Partners, LLC. The report was conducted over a 10-week period and required 500 hours of work by four licensed actuaries. The summary of the review is available at and the entire report is expected to be completed next week.

[Or you can simply read the initial report.]

Based upon a thorough review of Anthem’s calculations, Axene found numerous errors in the methodology used by Anthem to project total lifetime loss ratios. Correcting these errors resulted in lower lifetime loss ratios than initially calculated by Anthem.

The errors identified included:

  • Error #1: Double counting of aging in the calculation of underlying medical trend for the projection of total lifetime loss ratio.
  • Error #2: Anthem overstated the initial medical trend used to project claims for September 2009 for known risk factors.

Both of these errors are errors of math and not differences in actuarial …

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April 24th, 2010

Anthem Blue Cross alert

For subscribers in California, Anthem Blue Cross has announced that it will NOT be increasing individual premiums on 5/1/10 and for the foreseeable future, or at least until the State’s actuaries have completed their analysis of the proposed increase that had been scheduled for 3/1/10.    The company must give subscribers a 30-day written notice prior to increasing premiums.    Read the whole article.

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