The Insurance Mom doesn’t want you to walk around unprotected for any length of time.

Even a short period without health insurance isn’t worth the risk. When you’re between permanent health insurance plans then a temporary, short term, health insurance plan may be a good fit for you.

For example, if you’re too old to stay on your parents’ health insurance (you’re so grown up!), or you’ve just become a college graduate (good job!), are in between jobs, or you’re waiting for your group coverage to start, then it might be the time to think about a temporary health insurance plan.

Short term health insurance can be flexible and affordable health insurance. Most short term policies will protect you for up to 6 months, some will go as long as 12 months. These policies are easy to apply for and usually provide protection against unforeseen accidents or illnesses. They are not designed to cover every little thing such as preventive care, check-ups or immunizations.

So if you need a warm blanket for just a little while, then short term health insurance may be the thing for you. When it comes to your health, if you can’t be good be careful!

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